January 20, 2010

Dinner Diary

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

My good ol' buddy Umm Dawood, who I suspect is the only reader of this blog, gave me a great idea the other day: to blog about my dinner everynight. I initially laughed it off, but somewhere deep in my cluttered, frantic mind, some creative seeds were sown. As I threw together dinner the other night I thought more about it. Why not snap a picture of what we eat everynight and let everyone see it. Some night you may not get more than a picture of an empty Dominoes box (tip: the new pizzas are nothing to write home about, save yourself $12), but at the very least it'll keep my posting regularly.

So here I go, insha'allah! Let see if I can keep this up for one month. After that, we'll see what happens! Anyone else want to try it out with me?


  1. Assalmu Alaikum, sister! I'm a reader toooo! I found your blog pretty recently!! Nice blog, mashallah! =)

  2. Walaikum Salaam! So make that two readers ;) So glad to have you hear sis. Please let me know what you end up making and how it turns out for you.

  3. I read it too.

    I'll leave comments from now on :)

  4. Thats a very nice idea! Inshallah I will follow too.

  5. Cosmic Cook, looking forward to your revies! Mona, I'm so flattered to have you following...I absolutely love your blog!


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