May 16, 2010

I'm Here and I Brought Breakfast!

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

After a whirl-wind two weeks of traveling and house guests, I'm back and sad to say, with very few food pictures to share! Really, the last thing you want to do when you're about to break bread with those nearest and dearest to your hearts is to bring everything to a halt just to snap a few, so I hope you all can understand!

I did, how ever, manage to snap some pics of a fun breakfast idea while working away in the kitchen. I was inspired by a magazine cover that showed a circle cut out of piece of toast and a whole sunny-side-up egg cooked in the middle of it. Thinking one egg per piece of toast was a bit too much, I scrambled them up and cooked a layer in each one.

There could be so many variations of this that it makes my head spin: cut out different shapes or letters, throw in veggies or spices to the eggs, ad a slice of cheese to the underside for a gooey effect, etc. The only thing I'd change next time is to make the egg layer a bit thicker. Other than that, these were so much fun to make and eat!

 Egg-Filled Toast

1. Cut out desired shapes from pieces of bread. Set aside cut-outs to east as toast.

2. In a bowl, scramble eggs and season as desired.

3. Melt butter in a griddle over medium-high heat, and place bread. Allow to toast about 30 seconds. Carefully pour in milk mixture into cut-out middle of bread.

4. Allow eggs to set up for about a minute and carefully but quickly flip over. Cook for a minute more on the other side (or until you think your eggs are cooked through) and remove.


  1. Mashallah! That's sooo cuteeee!!! Really sweet dude. =D

  2. I first experienced this recipe when my nephew was old enough to eat eggs....about 7 years ago. My sister called it frog in a hole. I am curious to know how many eggs you scrambled to make these 6 pieces of toast. Was it less than six?

  3. "Frog in a Hole" is a much cuter title than I could've come up with! If I remember correctly, I used less than 6 eggs, more like 4. But like I mentioned, they egg layer was a little thinner than I would've liked so I may go with allotting 1 egg per toast next time.

  4. our family calls these eggs in a basket :-)

  5. aw cuteee! i wanna try to making this one! yay! :)

  6. Masha'Allah! My two eldest daughters were just looking over my shoulder as I reached this post and they were dead impressed I tell ya! LOL. "!Ooooh cutttttte!" I think they'll be trying this for a snack next time they have eggs! ;)

  7. I know I've made it when I can impress teens/tweens with my recipes! I feel so special!


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