May 20, 2010

Baked Koftah with Tahini Sauce

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Rarely do I find a food blog that inspires me. Most of the ones I regularly visit are usually for the funny stories that accompany the gorgeous pictures, or when I'm looking for something that I can revamp and add some real flavor to. But then I found this one, and masha'Allah, I love it! It's authentic, its easy to understand, it's absolutely delicious! Tonight I auditioned the baked koftah and am so glad I did.

I love Arabic food but I'm used to a spicier palette, so I usually throw in a few extra hot peppers and some of my favorite spices. I halved the original recipe and found it quite filling. Though it didn't have a huge kick of flavor (I plan on adding cayenne next time), the baked tahini on top gave it a warm and nutty flavor that only tahini could do. Also, thanks to a couple crazy kids, I baked mine a bit longer than intended, but was not at all sorry after tasting it: the tahini crust was great!

Koftah with Tahini Sauce

- Kofta 
( I substituted cilantro for parsley and added 2 green chilies)
- 3/4 cup tahini paste
- 1/2 cup lemon juice
- 1/2 cup water
- Two large potatoes … sliced thinly
- 1 tb vegetable oil
- salt

1. Make kofta mixture and spread in a 10-inch pan and make indentation in it.

2. Make the tahini sauce: In a bowl add the tahini and then add the lemon juice to it. Lastly, add in water.

3. Place the sliced potatoes on top of the kofta and add 1/2 cup of water ,cover it with alluminuim foil and bake it at medium heat until the potatoes are done

4.Test the potatoes to make sure its done, dont over bake or the meat will dry out.

5.After the potatoes are fork tender add the tahini sauce and bake it again uncovered about 30 mins (this is to reduce the sauce).


  1. i looooovvvvveeeee tahinah, I end up putting it in almost anything i make with ground beef, including my spaghetti sauce lol

    I've tried several of laila's recipes and I just can't get enough of them!

    you should try the safiha ra'a next. it is SO GREAT for breakfast/snack. and you can freeze them and reheat later!

  2. Tahinah and spaghetti sauce, huh? Actually sounds good! :) I think I'm hooked too! Can't wait to smother it on some baked chicken and veggies. I'm gonna go check out the safiha ra'a recipe now!

  3. I dont know how...but this reminded me of chicken pieee! And chicken pieee is soooo gooood! Lol. My mom makes really good kofta! Inshallah ill show her this! =)


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