May 28, 2010

Brunchin' on Fruit Pizza

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

On a moments notice, I was overcome with the idea to do a simple but fun girls brunch. I wanted it to be as fuss-free as possible, made most of the food the night before and kept it an intimate gathering of close sisters.Of course I included the usual muffin favorites but wanted to have something fresh and fruity. Sure, a fruit salad would do but thats so....regular. Thats when I came across a sweet idea: fruit pizzas.

This is so simple that it's almost embarrassing, but so cute that I just have to share it with you. Just take your favorite sugar cookie recipe (or a boxed sugar cookie mix) and top with a sweet cream cheese frosting and your favorite assortment of fruits (or, in my case, whatever needed to be used from the produce drawer ASAP!). Have fun with it, switch out the base for your favorite recipe, go crazy with some wacky fruit designs. Either way, it'll be delicious I'm sure!

Fruit Pizza

1  Sugar Cookie recipe or store bought dough or boxed mix
1/2 cup cream cheese frosting (below)
Assorted fruits, sliced

1. Press cookie dough into a 10 inch spring form pan. Bake until evenly golden but still slightly soft in the middle. Allow to fully cool before decorating ( I did this the night before).

2. Un-mold from pan and spread even layer of frosting. Arrange fruits on top and enjoy! Store leftovers in fridge.

Cream Cheese Frosting
3 oz softened cream cheese
1 cup powdered sugar
1/4 tsp vanilla extract

1. Blend ingredients together until smooth, spreadable consistency.

2. Add more powdered sugar as needed.


  1. I love these, but have only had 1 in my life. My sister made one for me many years ago on my birthday as I am not a huge fan of iced up cakes. It was great! I see you used grapes? strawberries and oranges. I think the one we ate had kiwi, strawberries, and maybe blueberries?
    This does make a great pizza for intimate gathering. I want to make one too!

  2. Make it, its so easy! Yes, I used grapes, strawberries and (canned) mandarin oranges. I'd love to get a little more exotic fruits next time and make one insha'allah :)

  3. I think, with the sweet sugar cookie base and the tangy sweet icing, this pizza needs fruit that can stand up berries and tropical fruits. I was also thinking that maybe I would try one with a shortbread cookie base.

  4. Wow. Mashallah, that looks sooo niceee!!!! =)


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