October 16, 2010

Cinnamon-Chocolate-Sour Cream Part 2

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

This cake is an old favorite of mine, particularly because I always seem to have the necessary ingredients on hand, alhamdulillah. And also because its a little out of the ordinary while still staying true to some classic flavor combinations like cinnamon and chocolate.

For a change, I tried it out in a bundt pan (yes, I've been in a little bit of bundty mood lately). The only change I made was ommiting that top layer of cinnamon/sugar/chocolate chips since a bundt has to be flipped out. Instead, I used all the sugar mix in the middle. One full recipe filled the whole pan and made a very generous cake, alhamdulillah.

*As you can tell, there have been some changes around the Muslim Wife's Kitchen. Each new season brings out a different mood here and this time the vibrant colors of the changing leaves around me are really inspiring me. I can't say this look will stay long, but whatever it ends up, you can count on it being a pumpkin-y orange! Also a new feature are the linked pictures on the side bar. Everything's fixed now so the pictures directly link to the corresponding recipe. Watch that space, as classic pictures/recipes will show up there!


  1. Masha'Allah my style of cake!!!

  2. Love your 'bundty' mood! lol Looks really good, wish I could pop over for tea!!

  3. So glad you both like it!

    UmmI: for the record, you have a standing invitation for tea, cake or whatever, anytime! :)

  4. Essalam Alaikum, Masha'allah this looks so yummy!


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