October 8, 2010

Stepping Outside the (Pasta) Box

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Recently I had the chance to visit an ethnic supermarket and let's just say I went a little crazy. It was primarily catered to Hispanic customers so you can only imagine the abundance of things like tomatillos and varieties of adobo. But that wasn't the end of it: aisles and aisles of imported Italian cheeses and Asian cuts of seafood. I felt like a kid set loose in a ...ethnic supermarket? Well, you get the point, I was a very happy women leaving that store with all my treasures and goodies.One of those jewels was dozens of pasta varieties; shapes and sizes I'd never heard of including these cuties in the shape of tennis rackets and my favorite, spicy pasta.

I made a batch of it with some grilled chicken breasts and red-lobster-style biscuits, a great spin to an otherwise ordinary plate of pasta, alhamdulillah. So next time you see something that looks a little different, go ahead and try it.You never know when a spin-off may be better than the original!


  1. assalamu alaykum

    in the town centre (back home in south Italy) you can find some bags of pasta called 'Monnezza' which is slang and it means 'rubbish' LOL. The reason for that is the mix of different shapes of pasta and that it refers to the 'leftovers shapes'... hope u enjoyed it masha'Allah! Ah, was the spicy pasta 'very spicy'? I'm curious :)

  2. haha, funny! but makes sense :) The pasta wasn't spicy at all (then again, we're used to very hot and spicy around here, so it could just be our taste buds didn't pick up on any mild spiciness), but it did have more flavor than the average pasta.

  3. from my home in Morocco, I miss my couscoussière to make the beautiful couscous. It is my loved pasta. This reccipe is very like my family recipe: http://www.ochef.com/r212.htm#Couscous with Chicken, Almonds, and Squash

    Do you have the facebook page with recipes?

  4. I could only imagine how delicious the results of a couscoussière would be! You can't find one here? I don't have a facebook page, but you can find all the recipes from my archives or search box.

  5. Oh yummmmmmm! That chicken looks just fabulouso and what did you put in the pasta?? Mmm mmmm mmm!!

  6. Jazakillah khair! I just made a simple bechamel with olives, nothing fancy!


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