February 17, 2010


Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Remember that bundle of joy that was supposed to go home a couple weeks ago? Well, she finally did a few days ago, alhamdulillah. I had so many visions of light, fluffy pink cakes and flowers but between my recovery and only a couple hours notice, I instead sent over some nihaari (thick beef curry) and rice. Pink frosted goodies will have to wait until next time insha'allah!

For us I made the one thing I make every time I have lots of veggies just about to go bad: stir-fry. It's truly a beautiful thing; you just take loads of veggies, a shot of soy sauce, a squirt of honey and there ya go! Or, you can cheat like I did and get a pre-made, but very authentic, bottled sauce. I did mention I'm still recovering, right? A little "help" from the store is totally justified!


  1. Omg!!! Is that nihari made from scratch or made by packettt? Recipe, pleaseee! =)

  2. Salaam... that stirfry and rice looks absolutely amaaaaazing UmmK!! I want some! x

  3. Thanks hun! You have my word, if Allah every gives me the opportunity, I'd be honored to make you and your beautiful family dinner insha'allah!

  4. Great pics! Masha'Allah, the food looks good enough to eat!

  5. Nawwww, that's so sweet UmmK! xxxx


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