November 10, 2011

My First Freezer Cooking Day

Bismillahir Rahman Raheem

I know you can find some pretty fancy and complicated freezer cooking plans out there on the web, but like I sad last time, I just started with what I had on hand. Personally I like doing all this on the day I bring home meat from the halal store. I have to portion out the meat anyways so I might as well throw on some seasoning before I do it.

So here was my plan:

1. Shred 2 whole roasted, chickens
2. Cinnamon rolls
3. Hotdog roll-ups for kids' lunch
4. Hamburger patties (double batch)
5. prepare veggies for chicken fajitas

First I made the cinnamon rolls dough and put one batch in the oven to bake. I reserved a chunk of dough aside  and took the rest of the dough, rolled into cinnamon rolls, and placed on a baking sheet and stuck in the freezer to flash freeze .

Next up, I prepared my bell peppers and onions for fajitas later in the week. I also diced some onions to have on hand for any last minute meals in the week and also for my hamburger patties.

I started to shred up the chicken from my 2 whole chickens that I had roasted the night before for company. I divided it out into 1 cup portions and put into individual bags. All I have to do later in the week is saute my pre-cut onions and bell peppers, throw in the shredded chicken and my fajitas are done, insha'allah.

I used the reserved cinnamon roll dough to make hot dog roll-ups. Just rolled out some dough into circles, and placed a halved-chicken hot dog and some cheese in the middle and then rolled up. A quick 15 minutes in a 400 oven and it'll be a quick and fun lunch for the kids, insha'allah.

And last, I mixed up the hamburger mixture. I added in some diced onions, garlic, ginger, parsely and cajun seasoning. Shaped them up, popped in freezer for a flash freeze and they were ready to go.


So all in all, for my first ever freezer cooking session, I don't think it went too bad, alhamdulillah. I also boxed up and froze a batch of cholay I made that morning for brunch. So that was my loot last weekend and we enjoyed the week of warm,home made dinners with minimal work each week night. Let's see how this weekend goes insha'allah!


  1. I love freezer cooking. However, I only do it mostly for Ramadan where I freeze batches of samosas and spring rolls and meat filled pastries. This is a great idea for weekly cooking though, when you're low on time!

  2. I so want to be freezer organized! Karima

  3. assalamu alaykum

    I like the idea but I know I wouldn't be able to organize it! LOL!

    jazakillahu khayran and 'Eid Mubarak!

  4. Looks good, Farah! I should give this a try some time inshaallah. It really is a smart idea.

    Good to see you back! <3

  5. could we have more freezer menus when you do them? This looks so efficient.

  6. I love your freezer recipes - and you make it look so simple. How do you reheat / cook things after they're frozen? Which do you defrost and which do you cook from frozen?

  7. asslamu alaikkum
    amazing ideas super,
    I am also storing link gg paste m samosa, food, coconut paste, tamarind paste,
    in this is different , ready to cook.


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