August 29, 2009


Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Welcome to my kitchen! Based on overwhelmingly positive feedback, I've decided to go ahead and try out my little idea. Now I'm not promising you anything; I'm bad enough with just one blog so lets see how this Tw0-Blog-Idea holds up, insha'allah khair.

So why a food blog, you ask? Well, as a wife and mother, most of my time is dedicated to food: planning, prepping, cooking, feeding and cleaning up food. It's not necessarily how I want it, but thats just how it is, alhamdulillah. I've always enjoyed cooking but wasn't always so great at it. As a child I was always in my moms feet trying to chop the veggies and stir the pot of yummy stuff on the stove. Only when I was moving away to get married did I start to take serious note of what she was actually cooking. Over the years I've had to develop my own brand of quick, homemade cooking and am kinda pleased with the results. I now feel confident enough in my cooking skills to share them with other Muslimahs. Insha'allah, I am eagerly looking forward to your feedback and am begging you all to please share your ideas/tips/tricks/techniques with us here. I will give you full credit if your ideas get posted, so consider this a very interactive blog insha'allah.

Can't wait to get cooking with y'all!


  1. salam aleykum ukhti..
    mashallah its good that u started on th project may Allah assist u and make it succesfull..

  2. As-salamu alaikum,

    I found you on Sisterswhoblog and mashaAllah your blog is just great! I read through all of the posts in one sitting lol.

    All of your food looks exactly like what I would eat and it definitely makes me want to hop into the kitchen and get started :-)

    InshaAllah I am planning on trying your pizza dough soon and will let you know how it goes.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Oh wait, I guess I should clarify that I found your blog through A Thousand and One Bites which I found through

    Okay, anyway, YAY and Salam and Hi and can't wait to see more inshaAllah!

  4. NeverEver: So happy to hear from a new reader! I'm sooo happy you like it so far, and I hope I can keep meeting your expectations insha'allah :) The pizza dough recipe is now famous in my family, I know you're gonna love it! Let me know how it goes...!

  5. yay, i wanted to see your very first post and i found it at last.. i didnt know u had 2 blogs!! awesome as always!

  6. lol, silly Samar! By old blog is down and out for the count!


Tell me what you think! As always, feedback and reviews are appreciated...happy cooking!